Elderflower cordial

SEIZOEN :Spring AANTAL :Makes 1.5 litres DIEET :Vegan, gluten free TIJD :30 minutes (plus 24 hours of infusing) MOEILIJKHEIDSGRAAD :Easy

Elderflower is in full bloom in April/May and gives you the best lemonade for the whole summer if you make a large batch! The only thing you’ll need is a park, some lemons, sugar and water!


  • 20 elderflower heads (take of most of the green stalks)
  • 2 lemons
  • 1200 ml. water
  • 900 gr. of sugar


  1. Leave the elderflower heads to infuse in the water for 24 hours. Note: Don’t wash them because you don’t want to get rid of the pollen.
  2. Next, pour the infused water through a sieve with a cheese cloth and add the sugar, the rind of the lemon, and slices of the lemon (slice of the white part, you don’t want a bitter taste).
  3. Bring the syrup to a soft simmer until the sugar is dissolved and then turn the heat of, leave to cool.
  4. Pass the syrup through a sieve again and pour into sterilized jars. Note: Keeps for months and makes the perfect summer drinks! Add to you champagne, gin and tonic or drink with sparkling water and an extra squeeze of lemon juice.



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