Wild Garlic And Sea Salt Butter

You can find wild garlic growing in almost every park in May and when you walk pass them you instantly smell the garlic! It’s so delicious and makes perfect pesto’s but this wild garlic and flaky sea salt butter is my new favourite! You can freeze the butter perfectly so that you can enjoy the wild garlic all year so make a big batch.

Season: Spring
Servings: 10
Diet: Vegetarian, gluten free
Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

• 250 gr. of butter
• Handful of wild garlic (but you can also use chives, parsley etc.)
• Large pinch of Maldon sea salt

1. Pick some wild garlic in your local park or the woods. Give it a really good wash and dry.
2. Meanwhile bring the butter to room temperature. Chop the wild garlic finely and mix in with the butter and a large pinch of Maldon sea salt.
3. Keeps well in the fridge but you can also make a big batch and pop it into the freezer.

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