Let’s Work Together

Together, we can create outstanding food experiences. I’m experienced in multiple fields and would love to tell you more about it. Is there something on this list that triggers you that you’d like to hear more about? I can tell you all about the topic and my experience. Feel free to get in touch!

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Recipe development:

I’ve been developing recipes for over 6 years and worked with both large international food producers and some smaller local businesses. I love to create recipes that either brings a classic recipe towards a healthier or vegetarian/vegan direction or create something completely new from scratch! From quick and easy to more challenging recipes using unique ingredients. These recipes can be used for your website, social media, blog, packaging, brochures but also for magazines, cookbooks etc. All is possible and will depend on the target audience and the product which direction will fit the best.

Food styling & photography (with iPhone14 pro and Sony a6100 camera):

I have a passion for food styling and love to bring mouth-watering dishes to life in photographs. Let me help you to create the ultimate look and feel that suits your brand, product or business. I am not a classically trained photographer, but because of years of experience with taking food photos, I can be used as a photographer for smaller projects. For larger projects I like to work together with a photographer.

Brand collaborations on social media (Instagram and website):

If you like to work with me on content for either your website / Instagram or mine, we could discuss creative options to bring attention to your product. This could be a recipe, reel, personal story, review, give away etc. However, I only work with brands that suit my profile

And so much more… I can sent you my mediakit for more information!