Savoury Picnic Muffins With Cottage Cheese And Smoked Salmon

The perfect savoury muffins for a picnic day at the park. These muffins are moist and fluffy because of the ricotta and tastes amazing with wild smoked salmon on top. A new family favourite of us.

Season: All
Servings: 12
Diet: Vegetarian (if you omit the smoked salmon)
Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

• 2 grated courgettes
• Handful of chopped parsley
• Handful of chopped chives
• 5 eggs
• 175 gr. of self-raising whole wheat flour
• 240 gr. of ricotta
• 100 gr. of parmesan
• 1 tsp. of salt
• Large pinch of black pepper
• Handful of pumpkin seeds
• Cottage cheese
• Sustainable smoked salmon

1. Preheat the oven at 200C. 
2. Place the grated courgette in a tea towel and squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
3. Combine all the ingredients together except the pumpkin seeds, cottage cheese and smoked salmon and mix until combined.
4. Lightly grease the cupcake tin with olive oil.
5. Spoon the mixture the small round cupcake tins and sprinkle over the pumpkin seeds.
6. Cook for about 30 minutes and test with a skewer if they are cooked through, the skewer needs to come out clean.
7. Serve with the cottage cheese and smoked salmon.

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