Fattoush Salad

This fattoush salad is wonderful during summer and will be the perfect side with your bbq grilled chicken! Very little effort and max result.

Season: Summer
Servings: 4
Diet: Vegan
Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

• 500 gr. medium sized good quality tomatoes
• 3 small Persian cucumbers (or 1 large cucumber) 
• 150 gr. of radishes
• Large handful of mint
• Large handful of parsley
• 2 spring onions
• 2 pitta breads
• 1 clove of garlic
• Juice of half a lemon
• Good quality olive oil 
• Tsp. of za’atar
• Tsp. of sumac
• Salt and pepper 

1. Preheat the oven to 200C.
2. Chop or tear the pitta in pieces and toss into some olive oil, the crushed garlic, za’atar and a pinch of salt. Bake for 10-15 minutes until crispy. 
3. Chop the tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes in the same size irregular pieces and add them all to a bowl.
4. Chop up the parsley and mint and finely slice the spring onions and add them to the rest of the vegetables.
5. When ready, add the pitta bread and finish with the lemon juice, a good swig of extra virgin olive oil, a large pinch of salt and pepper and the sumac. Toss everything together and serve!

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