Gerty van Styrum

“The Christmas lunch that Elize prepared for us was super in all aspects. Firstly, the food itself, but also the care with which it was prepared, the calm in the kitchen and the smile with which it was all presented. We started with a delicious pumpkin soup followed by beautiful antipasti with roasted vegetables, dips and charcuterie. The main course was melanzane, duck ragu pasta and a beautiful salad with asparagus, hazelnuts and parmesan. The duck ragu was so wonderfully rich in flavour, and both young and old loved it. Then came the dessert, meringue with praline cream and red fruit, finger-licking good! A delicious lunch and the kitchen was as clean at the end as before we started! Deli-zabeth is highly recommended if you want to organise something special at home or on location with delicious surprising food that also looks very nice!”