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  • Tuna pizza le garage
  • Chili cheese toastie
  • Roast chicken with yoghurt and coriander
  • Quick blood orange salad
  • Brussels sprouts caesar salad
  • Chocolate cardamom cake with white chocolate butter cream
  • Roasted pumpkin with salsa verde, burrata and pangrattato
  • confit garlic bread


The Deli-zabeth Express Vol. 1

Every day in 30 minutes

Only available in Dutch, English version will be released in 2022

Although our lives are busy and hectic, we still want to eat a delicious and healthy dinner. This book is always close at hand, on your phone, laptop or iPad, so that wherever you are, you can always get inspired what to cook. The ingredients are all available in the (big) supermarket and you don’t need any fancy equipment.

What to expect:

  • 26 recipes of which 3 starters, 20 main courses and 3 desserts
  • The book consists of 75% vega(n) recipes
  • 3 menu suggestions
  • 5 essential kitchen tips and tricks

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About Deli-zabeth

Deli-zabeth (delicious + Elizabeth, my official name) is my food-loving creation. I inherited my cooking addiction from my grandfather who introduced me to the process of creation by preparing the most exquisite meals and talking me through every step of the process. As a child I started practicing hours on end, learning by doing and making all the possible mistakes. I would feel on top of the world when a self-made combination of ingredients turned out delicious and that feeling got me hooked on being a cook! Since then, I never stopped cooking so a while back I thought: why not share all my experiences with you? You can read more about my journey, education and experience on my ‘About Deli-zabeth’ page if you’re interested, but for now I’ll assume you’re here for the food; bon appetit!


Let’s Work Together

‘Recipe creation is my strength, but certainly not the only thing I do. I am completely addicted to the entire journey around it as well. My education and work experience resulted in broad knowledge in the fields that surround, support and entail the art of cooking. Check out my skills below and please get in touch if I can help you in any way.’

  • Recipe and product development
  • Food styling & photography (with iPhone12 and a Sony a6100 camera)
  • Brand collaborations on social media (Instagram and website)
  • Banner placement on my website
  • Menu & recipe development for restaurants, events and food businesses.
  • recipe testing for chefs, cookbooks etc.
  • And so much more….


 Pumpkin and lentil salad with feta and coriander